The Telegraph features our advice on navigating an increasingly complicated planning system

Last Saturday, the Telegraph featured our advice on winning the planning system’s ‘postcode lottery’. As we have pointed out elsewhere, some councils grant permission for a much higher proportion of applications than others. Councils in the south east, and in London in particular, are especially poor performers. The full article can be read here: Many people, […]

The ‘Withdrawal’ Method

Should I withdraw my planning application? One of the most common questions Just Planning consultants are asked by clients is, ‘should I withdraw my planning application’. It usually follows a conversation with a council planning officer who has indicated that an application is unlikely to be successful and that the applicant should consider withdrawing it, amending […]

The Times features our advice on planning applications and appeals

Just Planning – The Times The ‘Bricks & Mortar’ section of the Times newspaper on Friday 26 February features Just Planning’s top tips on getting planning permission for householder extensions and alterations. We provided the following advice to homeowners considering an extension: Hire a good architect who knows the policies and culture of the local planning […]

Increased application fees will place an unfair burden on householders

Increased planning application fees unfair The government has announced plans to increase planning application fees to help plug a shortfall in Council funding. Councils indicate that fee income covers approximately 50% of the cost of running a planning department, and wider Council budgets are being cut. The consultation on increased fees (as well as increased […]

NEVER ignore an Enforcement Notice

Councils have the power to issue a planning enforcement notice if officers suspect that there has been a breach of planning control. This is usually if something has been built without planning permission or not on accordance with a planning consent, or if you have carried out out a change of use without permission or […]

The HOUSES vs FLATS anomaly

There is a strange anomaly in the householder planning system. HOUSES have permitted development rights but FLATS do not. So HOUSES can be extended without the need for planning permission, but FLATS cannot. Since 2008, permitted development rights have become increasingly generous, meaning HOUSES can be extended in ways that Councils would never normally give […]

How to object to a planning application

Are you concerned about a planning application that has been submitted by your neighbour or a local developer? This is our guide to making effective representations on a planning application.  Visit the Council’s website, or pop into the Town Hall, and get a copy of the plans. It is virtually impossible to provide accurate comments […]