The Telegraph features our advice on navigating an increasingly complicated planning system

Last Saturday, the Telegraph featured our advice on winning the planning system’s ‘postcode lottery’. As we have pointed out elsewhere, some councils grant permission for a much higher proportion of applications than others.

Councils in the south east, and in London in particular, are especially poor performers.

The full article can be read here:

Many people, when refused planning permission, conclude that there is little they can do but accept they will not be permitted to build the extension they wanted and have invested time and money applying for. Not planning experts themselves, they imagine that the decision was reached as part of a fair and thorough assessment of their proposal in light of clear and unambiguous policies. That is sometimes the truth, but sadly not the case in all circumstances.

For this reason, they decide against submitting a planning appeal. If refused planning permission, you should also consider an appeal. Nationally, 40% of appeals are successful and Just Planning has a success rate far in excess of this. We offer a free assessment on each case, and will advise whether we think that the councils decision was well founded and whether you should consider a revised and resubmitted application, or a planning appeal.

The Telegraph’s article included interviews with several of our clients, all of whom have successfully appealed through Just Planning. Claire Phan, in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, had almost given up hope of obtaining permission for her roof terrace. Virtually every neighbour had an identical terrace and all supported her application. The configuration of the building and its neighbours meant that there would be no overlooking and loss of privacy and, in any case, the terrace was designed to be set back from the edge of the roof. We resubmitted a planning application on Claire’s behalf and, when that was refused, we successfully appealed the decision. The terrace is currently under construction.

We have many more examples of successful appeals all over England and Wales. Contact us for testimonials or have a look at our recent successes page.