Our recent planning appeal successes against Hillingdon Council

We specialise in planning appeals and submit appeals all over England and Wales, but the London Borough of Hillingdon has been a particularly busy council for us in the past year. Hillingdon has made some particularly harsh decisions on two-storey side and rear extensions and on some permitted development extensions. But it has also been […]

We submit more planning appeals in Harrow than in any other council area

Just Planning submitted 28 planning appeals against the London Borough of Harrow in the past year, more than against any other Council in England and Wales. Most of the appeals we undertake in Harrow are for householder developments, generally extensions to dwellings.  Harrow takes a strict approach to extensions. It bases its decision on guidance […]

Refused planning permission for a dormer loft extension? It pays to appeal…

It can be been tricky to get full planning permission for a loft conversion with a dormer roof extension. These extensions are usually permitted development (where planning permission is not required), but permission is required for extensions to all flats and to some houses in certain areas (see our article on permitted development for houses vs […]

Received an enforcement notice? How to persuade the council to withdraw it

Just Planning recently persuaded Enfield, Hounslow, Hillingdon & Ealing councils to withdraw enforcement notices. How? What is a planning enforcement notice? Councils have the power to serve an enforcement notice if they believe that a development (or change of use) has been carried out without planning permission. They may also serve a notice if a […]

The nightmare of receiving an Enforcement Notice against your dormer roof extension

Every month, we help homeowners who are facing enforcement action after building a dormer extension to the roof of their property.  In most cases the homeowner has made an innocent mistake. They thought their dormer was ‘permitted development’ (not requiring any kind of planning permission), but planning permission was required in their case. Councils issue […]

Newham Council loses planning appeal and is required to pay our client’s full costs

On 2 September, we received notification that we had been successful in a planning appeal against a refusal of planning permission for a straightforward first floor rear extension in Forest Gate, in the London Borough of Newham.  The refusal of planning permission had been particularly unreasonable. The extension that our client was proposing was virtually identical […]

Why we have won 8 of our last 10 planning appeals in Harrow

Harrow Council in north-west London rejects more planning applications than most other councils in England and Wales and takes a particularly strict and inflexible approach to applications for householder extensions. Just Planning receives a lot of enquiries from householders and developers in the Harrow area and, of the appeals we take on, the vast majority […]

Why we have a high success rate on planning appeals for balconies and roof terraces

In densely packed towns and cities, balconies and roof terraces make a huge difference to quality of life. So how easy is it to get planning permission? Sadly, not easy at all. Almost all councils strongly discourage them, worried that they may look out of place and allow occupiers to overlook their neighbours or disturb them […]