We submit more planning appeals in Harrow than in any other council area

Just Planning submitted 28 planning appeals against the London Borough of Harrow in the past year, more than against any other Council in England and Wales.

Most of the appeals we undertake in Harrow are for householder developments, generally extensions to dwellings. 

Harrow takes a strict approach to extensions. It bases its decision on guidance it published in 2010. This guidance seeks to limit the depth of single-storey rear extensions to 3m and also places strict limits on dormer roof extensions and double-storey side extensions.

However, the guidance is now very much out of date and pre-dates the government’s national planning policies, as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (the NPPF).

Appeals are decided by independent inspectors appointed by the government, and working out of the planning inspectorate, based in Bristol.

Our high success rate at appeal in Harrow is largely based on the fact that the government inspectors take a flexible approach to householder extensions. They will take Harrow’s strict guidance into account, but will also consider whether it is up to date and whether it should be applied to the case in question.

For example, though the guidance tries to set a limit of 3m on the depth of single-storey rear extensions, permitted developments rights now allow extension of up to 6m or 8m, through an application for prior approval (the larger home extension scheme). 

Our consultants are very familiar with national and local policies and Harrow’s local guidance. All have wrked in local planning departments and understand how planning decisions are reached.

If you have been refused planning permission in Harrow, email us a copy of your decision notice (or send your address and planning reference number) and we will have a look at your plans on the Harrow website and provide you with a free assessment of you chances of success at appeal.