Planning application for the erection of a single-storey rear extension

Full Planning Permission Granted on 10 January 2024

planning permission hillingdon

5 Blacklands Drive,

Council: London Borough of Hillingdon

Generally, larger rear extensions to homes are permitted development and don’t need planning permission. Most homeowners can extend to a depth of 6 or 8 metres.

The west London borough of Hillingdon, however, has brought in special rules (known as an Article 4 direction) to limit the depth of extensions in the borough to just 4m.

It is therefore very difficult to get permission for deeper extensions in Hillingdon.

For this client, we undertook a careful process of a series of applications to establish that a proposed deeper extension was acceptable. We showed that the extension fitted in well with similar extensions at neighbouring houses and that it had been designed to ensure that it would not cause any harm to neighbours in terms of a loss of light or outlook.

We were delighted when the council granted permission. If you are having difficulty getting permission for homeowner extensions, contact our lovely team for some advice.

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