Planning application for the change of use of a dwelling to a smaller HMO (Class C4)

Full Planning Permission Granted on 25 January 2024

hmo change of use enfield

77 Somerset Road
N18 1HH

Council: London Borough of Enfield

Like many councils, Enfield has removed permitted development rights to convert a single family dwelling into a smaller HMO (shared accommodation for between 3 and 6 residents).

The rights are removed through an Article 4 direction that was introduced in 2012.

That doesn’t mean smaller HMOs cannot be created at all, it just means you need planning permission for them!

However, the fact that the council has introduced an Article 4 usually mean permission will not be easy to obtain.

In this case, Enfield’s policy DMD5 (of the Development Management Document) sets out the criteria that it applies to HMO proposals. We advised the client on the design and layout of the new HMO, drew up plans for the project and wrote a detailed Supporting Statement showing how the new HMO would meet the council’s requirements.

We were delighted when planning permission was granted for the proposal.

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