Appeal against a refusal of planning permission for a single-storey rear extension

Appeal Allowed (Full Planning Permission Granted) on 28 May 2024

Birmingham Planning Appeal

47 Highbury Road,
B14 7QN

Council: Birmingham City Council

In this case, the homeowner approached us after Birmingham City Council had refused planning permission for a single-storey rear infill extension to the side return behind her Victorian terraced house.

We had a two-pronged strategy – both to appeal the refused of planning permission, but also to apply for prior approval for a slightly different extension under the larger home extension scheme, and to use that other consent as a ‘fallback’ position.

Our prior approval application was successful while the appeal was still being considered and we forwarded the details of that approval to the appeal inspector. 

In the end, the fallback was key to a successful outcome. In the appeal decision, the inspector explained that the extension did not comply with planning policies and would harm neighbours’ living conditions but accepted that there was a similar alternative scheme for which prior approval had been granted and that the appeal proposal was not harmfully relative to the fallback.

This is a good example of a case where a strategic approach by experienced and creative planning consultants can really help.

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