Section 73 application to revise the approved plans on a planning permission for a new house (minor material amendment)

Planning Permission Granted on 4 April 2023

section 73

Westbury Road,
N12 7PD

Council: London Borough of Barnet

Once you start building a new home, it is common to discover that you need to want to make small changes to the design.

Rather than make a whole new application for planning permission, you can apply for a non-material amendment (NMA) or a minor material amendment (MMA).

Only very small changes are covered by an NMA, anything else required an MMA (also known as a Section 73).

In this case, the application wanted relatively small changes to the house he was planning to build for his family. We worked with his architect to put together a drawings pack, prepared a detailed supporting statement to justify the proposal and were delighted when Barnet Council granted permission.

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