Planning application for a rear roof extension with a roof terrace/balcony

Planning Permission granted on 12 December 2023

roof terrace acton

24A Highlands Avenue,
W3 6EU

Council: London Borough of Ealing

In this case, our clients had already obtained planning permission for the rear roof extension but the council had been reluctant to grant permission for the balcony/roof terrace.

This is common – the planners are not very fond of roof terraces, they think that they look out of place and that they allow overlooking of neighbours, causing a loss of privacy. 

To get planning permission for a roof terrace or balcony, you must make an assessment of whether users of the terrace would gain views into your neighbours’ windows or down over their garden.

If such views are possible, consider whether the terrace can be designed to stop such views, perhaps by making it smaller, setting railings away from the roof edges or by adding obscure-glazed screening.

It helps, of course, if neighbouring properties already have terraces or balconies, especially if they were granted permission in recent years. In this particularly case, the applicants had noticed that one of their neighbours had recently been granted permission for a similar development.

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