Application to vary a condition to reposition a bungalow previously granted planning permission

Full Planning Permission Granted on 12 June 2024

new bungalow chelmford

1A Chelwater
Great Baddow

Council: Chelmsford City Council

In this case, our client had obtained planning permission for a new build bungalow but had, in error, built it slightly closer to one of the boundaries than was shown on the approved plans.

The client did not get any benefit from this – the house is no bigger than before, it is simply a little way from where it should be.

That created problems from a highways point of view, because the new location meant that the only parking space at the site was now much smaller than the minimum that the highways authority usually allows.

The client was therefore in the difficult position that the council would not accept the new position for the house and effectively wanted it demolished and repositioned where it should have been in the first place.

As we have said many times, the threat of enforcement action can be very stressful.

This was clearly a disaster for the client. We were pleased to intervene on his behalf and make an application for the bungalow in its new position. We showed that the space could still accommodate a car and that it could enter and leave the site in a forward gear, and so there would no harm to highway safety.

We were delighted when the new application was granted.

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