Appeal against an Enforcement Notice for the erection of extensions without planning permission

Enforcement Notice Quashed on 20 October 2023

enforcement notice extensions

16 Honiton Road,

Council: London Borough of Brent

It is obviously important that the planning system act when people carry out development without first getting planning permission or they don’t comply with their planning permission. 

If we didn’t have planning enforcement, there would be no point in applying for planning permission in the first place!

However, councils often make mistake when pursuing enforcement action, with serious consequences for homeowners and developers. That’s where we come in!

In this case, the homeowner had obtained planning permission to extend his house in various ways. The Enforcement Notice arrived when the works were almost finished.

The Notice demanded that he demolish his extensions and rip out his new windows.

The Notice had lots of problems in terms of the way it was worded and put together and was also unreasonable in several different ways. We appealed to the planning inspectorate.

The inspector agreed with us that there were problems with the Notice, deciding that it was vague and imprecise. The inspector finally conceded that it was a nullity and quashed the Notice.

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