Appeal against a refusal of retrospective planning permission for a single-storey rear extension

Appeal Allowed (Planning Permission Granted) on 27 December 2023

appeal extension brent

143 Regal Way,

Council: London Borough of Brent

Brent council has published guidance (its Supplementary Planning Document on Residential Extensions and Alterations) on the size and design of extensions to houses.

It tends to stick closely to this guidance, even if there are good reasons for an exception to be made.

In this case, it accepted that the roof of our client’s single-storey rear extension was not too tall but argued that the parapets to either side of the roof took it over the usual 3 metre limit. 

In the appeal decision, the inspector decided that the small additional height does not cause any serious harm to neighbours. 

The council was also concerned that the extension harmfully reduces light levels reaching a neighbour’s rear bay window. The inspector saw no evidence that this was the case.

The inspector also pointed out that none of the neighbours had objected.

This was a particularly important decision for our clients because they had already built the extension (thinking that it was permitted development) and the council had also served an enforcement notice demanding that it be demolished.

The inspector’s decision saves their extension, and all the cost and hassle associated with knocking it down.

We win dozens of appeals for single-storey extensions each year. If you have been refused planning permission at your house, contact us now for some advice!

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