Appeal against a refusal of planning permission for a two-storey rear extension, single-storey side/rear extension and a front porch

Appeal Allowed (Full Planning Permission Granted) on 23 June 2023

northampton extension

16 Homestead Way,

Council: West Northamptonshire Council

In this case, West Northamptonshire Council had refused planning permission for various extensions to the property because it argued that, once extended, the house would be too close to its neighbours to the rear.

It quoted its ‘Residential Extensions and Design Guide’ SPD, which provides guidance only but does recommend a back-to-back separation distance of 21 metres between two-storey houses.

The inspector considered the extensions to be very well designed, to fit in with the character and proportions of the house and to cause no harm to the streetscene.

He also decided that, whatever the specific advice in the SPD, the houses would not be so close together that there would be harmful overlooking, especially in such a built up urban area.

He therefore allowed the appeal and granted full planning permission.

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