Appeal against a refusal of planning permission for a rear dormer roof extension

Appeal Allowed (Full Planning Permission Granted) on 24 June 2024

dormer planning appeal

164 Abbots Road

Council: London Borough of Barnet

We do a lot of appeals for dormer roof extensions – they are a kind of development that council case officers like to hate but that appeal inspectors are more inclined to grant permission for.

Dormer windows like this one in the image on the right are usually permitted development.

However, as we have explained before, there are lots of reasons that you may not have permitted development rights.

Flats do not have permitted development rights at all. Sometimes rights are removed by a planning condition of a previous approval. Finally, they do not allow roof extensions to houses in conservation areas.

If you need planning permission for a dormer, it can be difficult to obtain. Councils are very cautious about them, considering that they represent poor design. In a conservation area, where there are even stricter planning rules, it can be even more difficult.

We have had some other recent successes for extensions in conservation areas. In this case, we pointed out that the special character of the Watling Estate Conservation Area came from the layout of buildings, rather than extensions to individual houses. The inspector agreed with us that dormers could be allowed on the houses in this conservation area.

The council had also argued that the dormer did not comply with its adopted Residential Design Guidance, but the inspector agreed with us that the size, massing and design of the dormer was appropriate and would not cause any harm to visual amenities.

We were delighted when permission was granted. If you have a planning refusal, it is important to consider an appeal. Contact our team for some free initial advice on your situation.

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