Appeal against a refusal of planning permission for a mansard roof extension

Appeal Allowed (Full Planning Permission Granted) on 13 December 2022

bromley roof extension appeal

15 Station Road,
SE20 7BE

Council: London Borough of Bromley

Mansard roof extensions allow homeowners to add a whole extra floor to their houses.

They are a traditional type of extension, so they look good on Victorian houses, and because they are set back from the front, have sloping roofs and are tiled, they do not add too much bulk or massing to the building.

That does not stop councils refusing planning permission for them though! Council case officers are very cautious about any kind of extension that can be seen from the street and that changes the original character and appearance of the house.

In this case, our client applied to add a mansard to their London butterfly roof. The council was dead against it, arguing that it would look out of place and also that it would harm nearby locally listed buildings.

We appealed and the appeal inspector agreed with us that the extension was well designed and would fit in with a quite diverse streetscene. He said that:

“I saw during my site visit that this short section of Station Road exhibits many different, but mostly complementary, front elevational treatments, roof forms and sizes. These include the large and imposing four storey property, 1 Station Road, whose top floor comprises an impressive mansard roof.”

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“That is such a great news! We are very excited that finally we are allowed to go ahead with the extension.

We would like to take thank you very much for believing in our case and dealing with the matter swiftly. It is true that you have to fight for what you believe it’s the right thing to do. I have to say it’s been a very stressful process so far but that will be soon forgotton about.

Without your help very unlikely we would have won the case so thanks again for everything. It has been very much appreciated.”

Mrs Ema Veseli

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