Appeal against a refusal of planning permission for a mansard roof extension and a roof terrace

Appeal Allowed (Full Planning Permission Granted) on 24 August 2023

mansard appeal

Flat B,
13 Martaban Road,
N16 5SJ

Council: London Borough of Hackney

Mansard roof extensions are a great way to add lots of extra floorspace at roof level. They are a traditional roof design and, because they slope away from the edges of the roof, they can fit in quite well without making the building appear too tall or top heavy.

Generally speaking, councils really dislike them unless lots of the neighbours have already extended in a similar way.

In this case, Hackney’s ‘Residential Extensions and Alterations’ guidance document says that altering traditional roofs is unacceptable. It also expresses scepticism about roof terraces.

In this case, the appeal inspector accepted that the mansard roof extension was to the rear, and would not have a strong impact on the streetscene, and also that the roof terrace would be tucked away within the roofslope and would not look out of place or harm living conditions at neighbouring properties.

We were delighted when the appeal was allowed and planning permission was granted.

Roof extensions and terraces are tricky and are often only granted planning permission at appeal. If you have been refused planning permission for a roof level development, get in touch for some advice on your chances of success in a planning appeal. 

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